SIRIO: a “ star “ in capping of aerosol cans (and not only)

Aerosol and spray products that we generally utilize every day  for either personal hygiene or to purify the environment, look like being simple and banal. Reality is definitely quite different, in that every can must comply with specific requirements of quality, hygiene and safety, sometimes very strict and highly committing. Usually cans have cylindrical shape, such perfect cylinders  that even do not require, during the various conditioning steps, any orientation;  however, on each can, the  cap  must be placed in a defined and precise position: the sprayer, in fact, must be placed exactly on the  front side  of the can, where usually the label brand highlighting the main features of the product is positioned. Who would ever accept a can with the sprayer directed to the back of the can,  where usually  the  microscopic descriptions of product ingredients and warning are reported?

Ronchi, a worldwide supplier and specialist in the automation of the entire packaging process, has a solution for capping aerosol cans too:  SIRIO in ATEX version.


Speed and accuracy

SIRIO is an electronic capper suitable to apply cylindrical caps onto aerosol cans so that the spray dispensers  are perfectly aligned with the front of the can. Thanks to two camera  interfacing one another , in less than 80 milliseconds SIRIO is capable to detect, and eventually correct, the orientation of both cans and caps with micrometrical  precision;  also,  it is capable to perfectly place the cap  in the most appropriate position. All this is possible even at a speed of 600 cans per minute; all this is performed in conditions of utmost safety.


Safety First

SIRIO capper for aerosol is built according to ATEX standards, the European Directive for the Regulation of Equipment intended for use in potentially explosive environments (denomination comes from words ATmosphères and  EXplosible), that  however has found its application at world level. Since, as it is  well-known, spray products contain propellant gas, SIRIO must comply with safety regulations imposed by international institutions. Cameras, for example, are sealed in special boxes manufactured according to  strict standards, while all components of the machine getting into  contact with the container are made of antistatic material


Ronchi: “ad hoc” packaging solutions

Under its slogan “One Partner, One Solution”, Ronchi provides machines to automatize the whole packaging process, from bottle unscrambling till capping, for high production batches.

Ronchi works in partnership with the largest multinational companies which require machines to be fast, accurate and reliable at the same time. Customer’s  care is very important for Ronchi, from the machine initial engineering steps up to final testing and installation on site. Ronchi puts at the disposal of its Customers  a dedicated building for testing,  simulating the real production conditions and assessing  the correct operation of every machine sold the world over, as well as its full compliance to Customer’s specifications.