Betel Δ-EVO

Modular machine from 1 to 6 Delta Robots suitable for speeds up to 400 b.p.m.

Possibility to feed symmetrical or asymmetrical bottles, either in pucks or directly on the line conveyor.

Simple human interface and historical data collection.

One touch rapid change-over including bottle emptying.

Main features

The BETEL Delta EVO is designed to feed the packaging line with both symmetrical and asymmetrical bottles. Delta robots are programmed to pick bottles of any shape or dimension. The robots orient the bottles, reducing line footprint by removing the need for a separate orienting machine, and place bottles either in pucks or directly on the line conveyor. The modular concept allows the system to meet specific production speed requirements with the possibility of 1 to 6 robots for speeds up to 400 bpm. 

A U-shaped bottle conveyor system provides a compact and continuous bottle supply and return. One touch rapid change-over generates a fusion of flexibility and agility as well as avoids the need for additional sets of bottle change parts for different bottle formats. An automatic bottle empty cycle during change over clears the circuit of the previous bottle format so the system is ready to accept the new format. The main electrical cabinet is stainless steel and onboard further reducing the machine footprint and need for wireways.