Unscrambling and Orienting Systems

RONCHI Unscrambling and Orienting Systems for cosmetic, personal care, household, pharmaceutical products and food industries.

Main features distinguishing our machines:

Sturdy mechanical construction, completely manufactured in stainless steel, suitable to absorb the common “stress” typical of these contexts (deformed bottles, foreign bodies coming from packages etc. etc.)
All of the part surfaces that are in direct contact with the bottles are manufactured with mirror-polished stainless steel to avoid any damage to bottles.
Highly flexible and capable of handling a diversified range of sizes and bottles profiles.
Positive and stable control of the bottles that are exiting from the unscrambler onto the bottle discharge conveyor by means of a pitch-to-pitch exit star-wheel.
Simplified tool-less bottle format change-over operation featuring robust quick-release features.
Recognized major brand electrical and electronic components are used to provide the utmost in reliability and availability for replacement to the worldwide marketplace.
All motors have variable speed controlled by Variable Frequency Drives. All of the motor speed settings, machine feature selections and timing settings are accessible through the operator’s HMI panel
Our bottle feeding systems can be supplied in different sizes and configurations to suit the widest variety of requirements.


Single bowl bottle unscrambler that is available in diameters ranging from 1.200 to 3.000 mm. The bowl diameter is determined by the BPM output rates and the bottle dimensions.


Dual bowl bottle unscrambler that is designed for high operating speed requirements (up to 600 BPM) consisting of two bowls fitted onto a single base-frame.

The BI-ROTOMATIC configuration offers many advantages: high BPM rates with reduced rotating speed; positive and stable exiting bottle control, mechanically timed pitch-to-pitch by means of a dual discharge star-wheel system, that combines the bottles exiting out of each unscrambling bowl into one lane of the discharge conveyor.


The PT series bottle unscramblers are offered for applications where, due to their irregular shape and instability, the bottles must necessarily be conveyed in pucks.
A cam actuated rotary turret is combined to form a monoblock style bottle unscrambler. The bottles exiting the unscrambler are then transferred by a pitch-to-pitch star-wheel into the rotary turret. The bottles are then gripped and lifted to clear the puck elevation.
The bottle pucks are delivered under the gripping heads, the gripped bottles are then lowered by the grip spindle cam and positively inserted into the pucks. Pucks can be of the open “Goal Post” style to allow the application of the labels with the bottles remaining in the pucks.
In case of asymmetrical bottles, a bottle orientation feature utilizing a machine vision system can be added to orient the bottles before inserting them into the pucks.
Empty puck feeding is controlled by a motorized servo-driven dual scroll system, which releases the puck only if the bottle is present. This feature does not require a puck recirculation conveyor system: only an infeed conveyor for the delivery of the empty pucks.
The PT series is also available in the “BI-ROTOMATIC-PT” version for speeds up to 500 BPM.


Similar in design to the PT series bottle unscrambler, the SP series loads the bottles into the pucks by means of gravity.

The bottles must be symmetrical in shape and the pucks must be designed to accept bottles that are delivered by gravity.

The ROTOMATIC-SP is also available in a BI-ROTOMATIC-SP version that is capable of operation at speeds of up to 500 BPM.


The ROTOTECH is a combination between the traditional feeding system and a ROTOBOT style rotary turret for the orientation of asymmetrical bottles.

Bottles exiting the unscrambler are then positively transferred to the orienting turret by means of a pitch-to-pitch star-wheel. A machine vision or a suitable sensor system detects the position of the bottles and then directs the turret spindle to rotate the bottle to correct orientation.

Rotation is achieved by means of pneumatic actuators or servomotors, according to the type of orientation to be performed and the required BPM output rate.

The ROTOTECH is also available in a BI-ROTOTECH version for speeds up to 600 BPM.


The ROTOBOT is the stand-alone version of our rotary style bottle orienting systems.
This machine can be designed in versions from 8 to 24 heads, for operating speeds of up to 600 BPM.
Rotation is achieved by means of pneumatic actuators or servomotors, according to the type of orientation to be performed and the required BPM output rate.