Capping Systems

SIRIO Capping Systems: a wide range of applications for varied typologies of closures adopted in the industries of the personal care, detergent, pharmaceutical and food products.

Main features distinguishing our SIRIO Cappers:

  • Mechanical structure thoroughly manufactured in 304 stainless steel
  • Rotary turrets equipped with 4 to 30 capping heads to reach speeds up to 600 BPM
  • Possibility to integrate multiple capping turrets onto a single base-frame in monoblock configuration for the application of different types of closures onto the same container
  • SIRIO cappers can be manufactured in versions suitable for corrosive products through the use of special metal – alloys: depending on the type of product, Titanium, Hastelloy, Duplex or Super-Duplex are utilized
  • • SIRIO cappers can be supplied for use in Hazardous Duty area capping applications. The “Explosion Proof” version is suitable to be placed in classified zones (ATEX or UL).
  • A “Large Pitch” version is available, suitable to handle large size containers
  • All of the components necessary for the bottle and cap format change-over operations are fitted with quick unlock devices: no tool is necessary to replace them
  • Appropriate and accurate control systems ensure the perfect positioning of the cap onto the bottles; in case of unseated or missing cap, the bottle is rejected and deviated onto a parallel conveyor
  • The whole range of SIRIO Cappers can be supplied both as a stand-alone machine or combined and connected in monoblock to our EXACTA Fillers
  • Cap feeding to the machine is achieved through cap sorter of the rotary mechanical type
  • The connection between cap sorter and capping machine is done through horizontal air-cushion cap tracks or on motorized conveyors.
    The adaptation of the guides to the various cap sizes can be controlled through a centralized adjusting device
  • Cap bulk supply elevators with various sized hoppers are available, to ensure long feeding autonomy


It is suitable for the application of plastic press-on or screw-on caps.

In case of screw-on caps, the head rotation is achieved through a variable speed motor, independent from the main turret drive.

Torque control is accomplished through magnetic hysteresis clutches.
Positive grip type chuck closure pick up system ensures the perfect control and positioning of the cap onto the bottle.


This is certainly the most versatile and flexible version of our capping systems: every capping head is equipped with a brushless servo motor.

For screw-on caps, it is possible to set the head rotating speed and the desired torque value directly from the operator’s HMI panel.
Each capping head can be adjusted independently. Each of the parameters can be adjusted while the machine is working.

At the end of each capping operation, a value of the applied torque is displayed on the operator’s HMI panel.
It is possible to switch from the screw-on application to the press-on application on the operator’s HMI panel.

A machine vision system is offered for flip-top press-on caps that need to be oriented.
Positive grip type or vacuum chuck closure pick up system ensures the perfect control and positioning of the cap onto the bottle.

Sirio/PD – Sirio/PT – E-cam

SIRIO/P series is offered to handle pumps, whether of the spray, dispenser or trigger style.

The Capping Machines is supplied in the “Electronic Cam” version, with the rotation of the screw-on systems and the relevant torque control performed through servomotors.

A dip-tube centring system for guiding the dip-tube into the bottle neck is included in the SIRIO/P version.

The electronic cam ensures rapid pump and bottle format change over and the utmost flexibility for handling different formats of pumps and with dip-tubes having different lengths, without the need of replacing important mechanical components of the machine.