Filling Machines

EXACTA Fillers: the most innovative and modern features offered to the filling industry for liquid or low and high-viscous products.

• Flexibility  • Ease of use  • Rapid change-over  • Automated cleaning/washing operations

Main features distinguishing our EXACTA Fillers:

  • Mechanical structure in 304 stainless steel
  • Parts in direct contact with the product fabricated of 316/L stainless steel
  • No bulk product tank installed on board the machine: it has been replaced by a simple delivery manifold that equates to a reduced volume of product inside the filler (12 litres on average)
  • Possibility of feeding the machine with product coming directly from the storing reservoirs
  • Closed circuit product feeding system aimed at eliminating any possibility of contamination of the product due to air or other atmospheric agents
  • Machine supplied with software and hardware package for the control of the product feeding pump (P.I.D.)
  • Efficient wash (CIP) and sterilization (SIP) achieved rapidly, without the need for spray balls
  • Wash-up and sterilizing operations fully automatically processed and programmable from the operator’s panel; the washing solution is recovered on a removable tray or through a closed circuit system
  • No product spillage during the filling process
  • Bottle format change-over operations extremely simple and fast. No need to use gripping system to hold the bottle
  • Control systems ensure the correct filling of every bottle, any out-of-tolerance filled bottle is rejected onto a parallel discharge conveyor
  • Flow-meters and, in general, all dosing operations are controlled and managed by a standard PLC installed aboard the machine
  • All motors are variable speed, controlled by inverters and are programmable from the operator’s HMI panel

Filling technology of the EXACTA Fillers is based on the adoption of flow-meters which can be either of the inductive magnetic type (Volumetric Filling) or of the mass-type (Weight/Mass Filling).

Both technologies have in common:

  • High filling accuracy:σ= 0,2%
  • No moving parts inside the measurement devices, no maintenance
  • Measurement flow meter technology, that is not sensitive to electromagnetic or mechanical interference
  • CIP/SIP at temperatures up to 130°C / 266°F
The range of the EXACTA rotary fillers is available in models from 8 to 60 filling valves, to accommodate the most varied production requirements with speeds up to 600 BPM
All EXACTA Fillers can be supplied in the “large pitch” version, i.e. suitable to handle large size containers (up to 10 Litres)
All EXACTA Fillers can be supplied in Monoblock versions, combining one or more capping stations


Magnetic flow meter technology (Volumetric Measuring) filler. Volumetric flow meters are suitable to handle all products having a minimum level of electrical conductivity of 5 µS/cm (microSiemens per centimeter).

The filler can be supplied in sanitary version: parts in direct contact with the product, as well as orbital welding and Tri-Clamp connections, are electro-polished.

The pharmaceutical products version of EXACTA/R can be provided with FDA Certification for the liquid contact path into the manifold including the filling valves (the sole components that have moving parts in direct contact with the product).


Mass flow meter technology (Mass Measuring) filler. Mass flow-meters are particularly suitable when handling liquid products without electrical conductivity, such as oils, lotions, creams etc.

The RM Filler can be supplied with a heating system for temperature control of the product delivery path.


The RC series of the EXACTA fillers are designed and built to handle corrosive products.

The machine is entirely manufactured in “Noble” metal: depending on the type of product being filled, Titanium, Hastelloy, Duplex or Super-Duplex are utilized. This series of fillers also includes positive ventilation and vapour extraction systems.

Special bottle handling features are offered to handle inclined neck bottles that are typically used for the Toilet Cleaner products.


The XP series of EXACTA fillers are designed and built for the Hazardous Duty filling applications. Explosion proof versions of this machine are suitable to handle all those products classified as potentially hazardous.

Protection degree and definition of the “dangerous areas” can vary according to the type of product to be filled and the level of protection requested.

The machine can be supplied and certified in full compliance with both ATEX European Standards and NEC U.S. Standards.