Ronchi and the cosmetic lines for hair

A new line for handling shampoo has been designed, manufactured and delivered from RONCHI to one of the historical groups on the international scene operating in the field of personal care.

The line is composed of a Bottle Unscrambler mod. ROTOMATIC 220/PT and of a Filling-Capping Monoblock mod. EXACTA/R 18/6 and it is suitable to handle shampoo bottles into pucks.

Flexible and versatile, the RONCHI Bottle Unscrambling and Orienting Systems fully meet the demands of the market also thanks to their peculiarities of unscrambling and orienting both traditional and shaped bottles. In particular, the PT model of the ROTOMATIC series, here was utilized thanks to its capability in handling bottles that require positive insertion into pucks and it has been designed to achieve high production speeds, as in this case.

The Monoblock of EXACTA series does not need any other introduction: it is well-known and appreciated the world over! The model that composes this line is equipped with 18 filling stations with magnetic inductive flow-meters and 6 servo-assisted capping stations with brushless motors for the application of press-on flip-top caps to be oriented.