Ronchi and packaging of beauty creams

Ronchi, a leading designer and supplier of filling machines, capping machines and sorters for packaging, introduces the new filling machine for high viscosity products such as creams for body care and other cosmetic products.

The machine
The new filler uses the technology of high-precision electronic flow meters to fill containers of cosmetic products with high viscosity (40000 cps), such as creams. Even during technical stops, this machine is able to keep the temperature controlled and to operate without technical blocks and without wasting time and money. Flow meters release a defined amount of product with millimeter accuracy. The machine is suitable for high volume production and it is able to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has a filling average ranging from 200 pieces and 600 pieces per minute.

Personal care and home care
Ronchi is a leader in personal care and home care industries, thanks to automation solutions for filling and capping products such as shower gel, shampoo, cream and household products (detergents). Ronchi provides machines to international giants such as Unilever. These companies have large volume of production and they don’t forget quality, at the same time.
The new machine for packaging Ronchi is perfect for them.

Unique worldwide
Ronchi is the only one able to provide such advanced electronic equipment for high viscosity products. Old syringe systems are the alternative, but they are less effective, less accurate and slower than the new machine Ronchi. Not to mention that, once you have made final testing of the machine in the 5000 m² building made available to customers, the machine is complete and ready to be reinstalled in the factory without downtime. Efficiency at maximum levels.