It’s time interactive packaging

Not only a container, but a real vehicle content. The packaging of the future is not limited to be sustainable (biodegradable, anti-UV, resistant to temperature changes and shocks) but amounts in the fourth dimension. There are already prototypes of “talking boxes”, wraps speakers who communicate their contents before you reveal it.
But if it were his own surface to interact with the consumer?

Since 2007, research at Mid Sweden University have shown, and made prototype, a new generation of cardboard whose stratigraphy encompasses a microcomputer capable of giving life, with audio recordings and more, its “digital skin”, reacting to pressure. In 2011 the German company Wipak has even assured that, thanks to a “reader-pen”, microchips and RFID will become obsolete. And Apple, inevitable American giant, claims to have already signed since 2008 the future of interactive packaging, reinforcing the belief that the brand has always communicates its products in a way which is essential and incisive.
For its part, the Eastwood Harvey, company creator of the “think-4D”, seems to have actually reached the target of the fourth dimension patenting a system that, thanks to 3D printers and inks that react to the impulses of touch, interacts level “emotional” with the consumer using textures that are modified by generating different combinations of color mapping.