Ever, as in the XIX century, it was shown how hair could be the outward expression of our thoughts. In the first half of the century, a literary movement which later became a form of thought, was called Romanticism. It was the total opposition to the ideas of the Enlightenment, the logical extreme rationalism of the XVIII century. Romantic literature is fantastic , idealistic , far away from everyday reality . Romanticism is irrational , suspicious and conflicting, it prefers solitude and nostalgia, it loves simplicity, and authenticity. Hair will have the same destiny: messy, dry, without any artificial products, without ostentation, an expression of the sense of individual freedom and of belonging to neither side. In the early years of the XIX century men used to wear their hair in this style , and they are portrayed with almost no beard and rarely with mustache.
However, a century thereafter, in the mid-50s of the XX century, something revolutionary appears on the horizon: the hair dye! Strictly intended for feminine gender, the hair dye is a technique through which hair’s natural color is colored or bleached . This technique is used for multiple purposes, spanning from the coverage of white hairs to the restoration of the original color that was ” faded ” caused of other treatments. Frequently, however, it is used to create a new look by changing hair color .
After two centuries, everything has changed! Radically! In the XXI century it is rare to meet people whose hair has not undergone any treatment, whether they are male or female without distinctions. They range from temporary staining, to the semi-permanent or permanent colouring, up to the most modern Shatush , a really futuristic and very trendy technique that provides hair gradual and subtle nuances .And could RONCHI miss this appointment with modernity and with this widespread desire of renewed looks, typical of our times? Of course not!
As of now, fifteen are the RONCHI machines installed in various countries around the world, specifically designed and built for filling and capping the small round bottles containing hair dyes, capped with the typical tip cap that facilitates the distribution over the scalp .

The last line delivered in order of time has been shipped to Mexico, to an international group leader in the hair cosmetics: it is a high speed ROTOMATIC Bottle Unscrambler combined with a SIRIO Capping Machine equipped with 6 capping stations, all servo-controlled by brushless motors , which is by now a standard feature on all Ronchi capping machines.