External Business Partner Excellence Award 2013

Also this year, and for the fourth consecutive time, RONCHI MARIO SpA has been rewarded with the prestigious  “External Business Partner Excellence Award” plaque,  a recognition that every year the multinational Procter & Gamble assigns to a few dozen between the more than 82,000 suppliers that gravitate in the universe of this internationally well-known colossus, suppliers who have proven to be the best P&G partners of the years on the ground of data and surveys gathered through the year from the various P&G plants worldwide.

But this year the success was double: during the annual summit held in Cincinnati last October, RONCHI MARIO SpA has been honoured to receiving, surprisingly, the coveted 2013 External Business Partner of the Year.

This very prestigious recognition is intended for a very narrow circle of highly selected companies, whose peculiarities must respond to well précised rules in terms of quality and reliability of the product supplied to the P&G Group of companies, as well as to rigid parameters referred to promptness in answers, timeliness and competence of the technical services and, last but not least, the level of research,  application and use of all those technological and innovative improvements aimed at increasing the efficiency of the final product.

With a touch of pride, and not without emotion, on the occasion of the gala evening Cesare Ronchi has collected the award, a refined handmade crystal creation, which will find its deservedly rightful place in the renewed locals of the RONCHI Gessate based headquarters.

The coveted recognition is a reason of great satisfaction to RONCHI, that rewards for the heavy investments and the many years of constant and restless research by its dedicated and competent team, in addition to the constant commitment and attention that the entire RONCHI staff and resources dedicate since ever to the mission of the company, i.e. the achievement of excellence results capable to generate all those more and more advanced technological solutions that the packaging world expects from RONCHI.