Together with the implementation of EU Directive 2017/1937, Legislative Decree no. 24 of March 10, 2023, on “the protection of people who report violations of EU law and laying down provisions concerning the protection of people who report violations on national regulatory provisions” was issued. The Decree repeals previous national regulations and collects the protection regime for individuals who report violations of EU and national provisions, harmful to the public interest or to the integrity of the entity, in a unique legislation.


Who can report:

People who come into contact with Ronchi Mario S.p.A within a working environment can submit reports. According to the Decree, entitled parties are:

  • the company staff
  • consultants, freelance professionals, collaborators
  • customers and suppliers
  • shareholders
  • volunteers and trainees
  • administrative staff, managerial staff, security staff, supervision staff and representatives.


What can be reported:

  • violations of national regulations (criminal, civil, administrative offences)
  • 231 Model violations and misconducts in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/01;
  • offences falling within the scope of Union acts
  • acts or omissions affecting the financial interests of the Union or concerning the domestic market and impairing the free movement of goods, people, services and capital.

Reports affecting the personal interests of the reporter are excluded.

The report must be properly substantiated and equipped with elements that may be useful to all necessary in-depth investigations.


How to submit reports:

  • in written form, by means of the Whistleblowing portal. At the end of the procedure, the reporting party is given an access code to access the portal and check the status of their report.
  • orally, calling at 0295088356
  • on the occasion of face-to-face meetings, upon request of the reporter, which must be sent to the following email address whistleblowing@ronchi.it.

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